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Mustang High School  
Mustang High School offeres Creative Writing I, II, III, and IV. 

Creative Writing I is a one semester class which introduces the students to creative thinking and a variety of writing genres--descriptive paragraphs, poetry, personal narratives, character sketches, and the short story. 

Creative Writing II, III, and IV is a year long class which expands on this introduction by going into more depth into the various genres during the first semester.  These writings will become contest entries statewide and nationally.  During the second semester, students work on several independent writing projects, a short book, and a showcase portfolio. 

Students at all levels of Creative Writing write in a writer's journal each Monday as a risk free environment for experimenting with a variety of topics and genres.  As well, at the end of each course, the student will compile the best pieces of his/her writings into a Showcase Portfolio

Creative Writing I Course Syllabus

1.  Descriptive Writing

2.  How to Make a Good Piece of Writing a Great Piece of Writing

3.  Byline Poetry Contest 

4.  Writing a Personal Narrative

5.  Writing Poetry--What poetry isn't; Where to get poetry ideas; Revising and editing poetry; Concrete Poem, Abstract Poem, Social Criticism Poem, Quiet Hero Poem, Confession Poem, Pantoum Poem

6.  Writing an Opinion Essay

7.  Writing a Short Story

8.  Showcase Portfolio

Creative Writing II, III, and IV Course Syllabus

1.  Memoir of a Person

2.  Byline Short Poem Contest

3.  Poetry--Metaphor/Simile, Extended Metaphor/Simile, Personification, Childhood Memory, Contradiction, Opinion, Narrative, Beyond Hallmark Rondo Redoubled

4.  Opinion Essay

5.  Abstract Character Essay

6.  Short Story

7.  Contest Work

8.  Individualized Writing Projects

9.  Writing a Short Book

10. School Anthology

11. Showcase Portfolio

The journal counts as 1/5 of the final grade for each nine weeks grade.
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