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1.Activity #1 :QUIZ SESSION(10 minutes)

For the quiz type session :extraordinary, and Submit
Your name:
(Index No.) Your full name (Class)
24. Lau Eng Kiat (Sec 28)

2. Activity #2 : ENERGY CONVERTERS -Hangman Game (10 minutes)

3. Activity #3 : SOURCES OF ENERGY - PAIRWORK.  Information gathering.(40-50 minutes)

Students will explain why the sun in considered our principal source of energy and also describe exhaustible and renewable sources of energy.
Students will discuss energy storage and its limitations, the use of energy in society and conserving energy.

In pairs, students are to gather information, make notes and simple idea maps from the sites.
Do not spend too much time on each site as you have only 50 minutes to gather relevant information.
As a homework assignment (due:next Tuesday), each pair will have to construct an idea web using the SOFTWARE INSPIRATION to LINK all that they have learned in the next lesson.
The last link will give some information about the Inspiration software.  
Student's must bring their notes as the idea web will be constructed offline.

4.Test papers will be given out tomorrow during which a post-test assignment will be completed.  You need to prepare by revising the same chapters for the Post-test.

Workbook Chapter on Forms of Energy and idea web on SOURCES OF ENERGY.

6.All activities on this list (except the Holiday project) must be completed by the end of the week.  If unable to complete it within class time, you are to go to the computers at library to assess the lesson.  Feel free to ask me for assistance if you need web assess for the assignments.

7.COMING SOON: Next CA wil be on Air, Air Pollution, Energy (Forms and Conversion)(3 chapters)

My Quia activities and quizzes
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