sec4french Madame Ockendon
Anderson High School S4 French teacher
Try the games underneath to practise irregular verbs.  

There are also some games to practise past tense using avoir and etre .  The last exercise takes you to a different site, which is headed up French Grammar Exercises.   When you get into this site, you have to go to the boxes on the left-hand side.   First of all, make sure the first box says "Set 06", then the second box should say either Ex8 or Ex.9.   Now click on GO, to give you practice in past tenses with either avoir or etre.

When you get fed up with these, click on Quia Home Page, click on   French and try some other games of your choice.

If you want, you can e-mail me to let me know which exercises you prefer, and which are rubbish - but keep it clean !
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