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Screven County Elementary School  
     It looks like it won't be too much longer before spring.  Here's what we'll be doing in the next few weeks. Probably the biggest item is learning the rest of the subtraction facts.  We'll be continuing our twice weekly visits to the computer lab, and we'll be working diligently on getting ready for the Stanford 9 test which will be given close to the end of March.  I'll be sending home worksheets on synonyms, antonyms, comprehension stories, two and three digit addition and subtraction plus others.  Even though these will be done already, please go over any items that your child has missed even if the item has been corrected.  If you have time, make up some practice examples
using items you create or those on some of the practice sheets. 
     We are working so hard to make great scores on the Stanford.  Please help anyway you can. 
                         Think smart!
                         Mrs. Lee
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