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Ben Milam Elementary School First/Second Grade Looping
Hello.  Summer is here and this hot weather gets old fast, doesn't it?  It is nice to have a more relaxed schedule and have time to go places and do things that we can't do during the school year.  I will be taking a trip to visit my daughter, Noelle, in California.  She teaches fourth grade and won't finish school until the third week in June.  I plan to help her catch up on grading papers and average grades so that she will be able to get some sleep before grades and report cards are due.  I'm sure we will take a trip to the beach, visit a nice restaurant, and shop a little.  Mostly, though, I just want to have some mother/daughter time.  I will also go to South Carolina to visit with my parents, sisters and their families, and long time friends.  It's always good for me to get to the South where there are lots of tall trees, cool mountains, and pretty flowers.  I'm reading a good novel and other reading material that is giving me insight and knowledge so that I can be a better teacher and a wiser person.  I hope you and your family are enjoying a good book, also. 

I love the book that the children made for me.  I have looked through it several times. I will always tresure it.  The memories of the past two years are rich with good experiences and I am grateful for having the opportunity to be a teacher for my students at Ben Milam.

We are still awaiting news of our new principal.  When I hear who it will be, I will post it on this page.  You may know before I do since I will be out of town some.  Whoever it is, we will have to show him or her how good a school Ben Milam is.  I am looking forward to the 2001-2002 year which will bring new students, new opportunities, and new experiences.  Stop in to say hello when you're in the building.

                                    Barbara Gary
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