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Homework: April 14-19, 2001 Monday: Students must read pages 24-30 of Learning Tree Workbook (The Happy Jungle)and complete the even number of math problems on page 122 of textbook. Tuesday:Students must write a letter from one character to another in the story "The Happy Jungle". Complete the odd number of math problems on page 122 and correct in back of book. Wednesday:Students must respond to the letter they have written from the other character POV. Students must read from their highlight magazine pages 12-19 "The Life of a Monkey". Thursday: Students must reread the last two pages of the story "The Happy Jungle" and change the ending. Practice Math problems using manipulatives. Worksheet must show two ways to find the answer to each question. Reminder: All assignments will be discussed in the next class. Homework must be completed and signed by parents. Parents please read a tradebook or magazine piece with your child each night. Field Trip Money Is due Wednesday. We are taking a trip to the beach to discover the different animals at Sea World and those that are native to our bordering Oceans. Parents who would like to chaperon please e-mail me personally before Wednesday or call me at home at (757)453-7698.
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