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6th Grade
In class, we are continuing our study of folk lore, the beginnings of literature (SOL 6.4).  We are now studying myths and will then move onto fairy tales, having already completed fables, folk tales, tall tales, and legends.  As we study each type of folk lore, the students are writing their own stories, using the tales we read in class and in the library to help them understand what their stories must have in them.  Final drafts are typed in the computer lab, strengthening their word processing skills.  When we complete the folk lore unit, each student will compile their stories into their own folk lore book.

7th Grade
In 7th grade, we are working on our SOL 7.4 unit on figurative language.  This week we are finishing up our illustrations of figurative language examples.  When finished, students will have a booklet of their own about figurative language.  We will soon start our study of persuasive techniques (SOL 7.3).

Word of the Week

6A:  Finish page 586.
7A:  None.
7B:  Paragraph on Lincoln due Friday.
7C:  None.

Upcoming Dates
February 7 -- 7A Book Report due (historical fiction)
February 12 -- SOL Camp restarts.
February 15 -- PTA Dance
February 18 -- No School.  Presidents Day.
May 10 -- 7th Grade field trip to Gettysburg
June 4 -- 7th Grade Celebration
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