senorab222 Señora B.
El Colegio de Midlakes Señora B - aula 158
¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español! I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT HAVING YOU FOR A STUDENT AND I HOPE THIS SITE WILL HELP YOU LEARN SPANISH! Email me if you have questions OR you need to talk to me about something. I will respond by 9:00 PM at the latest!!!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Primer Paso - Práctica de Vocabulario
All of our vocabulary for the first Unit is here!!!! Check it out. FUN GAMES!!
Primer Paso - Números 1-39, Meses, Días
Having trouble with numbers, months and days.....GO HERE NOW!!!!
Spanish Months
Put the Spanish months in the correct order and a beautiful picture will appear!!!!
Hangman with Primer Paso Vocabulario
Don't you love Hangman?
Los Verbos de Acción - Capítulo Uno
Fun with our new Chapter 1. You will learn these verbs fast, fast!!!
Capítulo 1 - Parte 2 - Los opuestos
More fun with Chapter 1. This will help you to know them for the quiz or just for a review of the Chapter! Good luck mis estudiantes!!!!
Capítulo 2 Vocabulario
Games with Chapter 2. Great review!!!!
Numbers in Español (10-59)
This will help with the numbers 10-59. We need this review!!!
Capitulo 3 Vocabulario
Games to help you with the Chapter 3 vocabulary. Ask your amigos, This really does help learn the vocabulary. Especially the Flashcards. Try it! You'll learn. Señora B. does know a few things.
Capítulo 3 - Vocabulario - Parte 2
You know if you play these you'll learn this vocabulary regarding activities and expressions used with Invitations.
Capitulo 4A - Vocabulario
Part 1 of vocabulary for Chapter 4. You did well on this quiz.
Capítulo 4B - 2nd part of Vocabulary
Part II of Vocabulary for Capítulo 4 - El Mercado
Vocabulario - Capítulo 5 Parte I La Familia
Part I of Vocabulary for Chapter 5
Vocabulario 5B - Las Características
Our last vocabulary to learn from this Unit for the Year!!! ¡Olé!
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