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Grading Terminology:

GENERAL PERFORMANCE LEVELS: The following information on performance levels should be used as a guideline only. All levels will be revisited by the teacher and students before an assessment is given; adjustments specific to each skill will be made as necessary. Any changes will be presented to students clearly and with advance warning.

ADVANCED: student demonstrates superior academic performance. Accomplishes all tasks mentioned at the proficient level with no or almost no errors. When possible student also expands sentences to be more complex. EX: Instead of saying Juan lee (Juan reads). Student may say Juan lee en la biblioteca de su escuela (Juan reads in the library of his school). Certain skills may require the use of “bonus” vocabulary or grammar to earn an advanced score. Students who accomplish all of this with no errors may earn a score of Advanced + (=10 points).

PROFICIENT +: Student has demonstrated proficient level and is moving towards advanced (but isn’t quite there yet).

PROFICIENT: student demonstrates satisfactory academic performance. Work indicates a solid understanding or display of the skill with few errors. Student uses required vocabulary, grammatical structures, and spelling/pronunciation correctly MOST of the time. Typical errors may be classified “silly” mistakes: missed or incorrect articles; spelling a word correctly one place and incorrectly another place; forgetting a vocabulary word. In other words: the teacher can tell the student “gets how to do the skill” and can perform it “with few errors.” Students may have made an attempt at expanding sentences or using bonus vocabulary/grammar, but were not successful.

BASIC+: Student has demonstrated basic level and is moving towards proficient (but isn’t quite there yet).

BASIC : student sometimes demonstrates the skill, but errors are common. Inconsistent use of vocabulary, grammatical structures, and/or spelling/pronunciation impedes communication. In other words: student “gets” some of the concepts, but doesn’t demonstrate full understanding.

BELOW BASIC : student demonstrates unacceptable performance. Student shows limited knowledge of the communicative skill. Student can say some words in Spanish, but they are not used in correct combination to show meaning. Errors are common as well as lack of required vocabulary and/or grammatical structures. In other words: student has learned some Spanish, but cannot use it in a meaningful way to communicate.

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