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Welcome High School Spanish Students
I will not update this page very often, but below you will find several games to help you study throughout Spanish 2. Make sure you know what Unidad and Etapa you should be studying!

PLEASE Email me if you've been using this site! I'd love to hear from you even if it's a one sentence email-SeƱora Fruit

P.S. I didn't make a lot of the games--I got them from other teachers. Please let me know if there are any mistakes and I will fix them.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Unidad 4 Etapa 1 places - (copy)
Unidad 4 Etapa 1 requesting directions - (copy)
Unidad 4 Etapa 1 VOCAB
Unidad 4-Etapa 1>> Direcciones - (copy)
unidad 4 etapa 2 Bargaining, giving gifts, shopping - (copy)
unidad 4 etapa 2 other words and phrases - (copy)
Unidad 4 etapa 2 making purchases - (copy)
Sp 1 Etapa 5.1 Reflexives and Vocab Practice - (copy)
Sp 1 Etapa 5.1 Reflexive verbs - (copy)
Sp 2 U4E3
Quiz #2 Unidad 4 Etapa 3
Unidad 5 Etapa 1 vocabulary quiz
Vocabulary QUIZ Unidad 5 Etapa 3
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