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Hello South Lakes Students! I am not using this page for my new classes as we have a different book. I will leave this up for your use as well as the Spanish 1 website.
You may look at my Spanish 2 and 3 websites if you'd like. I have links here for them.

click here for Spanish 2!

click here for Spanish 3!

You may find some of the activities useful since we will be covering the same grammar topics. The Spanish 2 activities that I have for En Español 2 are on this page. I miss you guys and I wish you a great year this year!

  If you have your articles finished early, please turn them in early so I can grade them.
 -Articles must be no more than 1 month old
 -Articles must be about a current event in a SPANISH SPEAKING COUNTRY.
 -Summaries have a 5 sentence minimum requirement
 -Use your own words when summarizing
 -Include the following
    -The article itself
    -The name of the newspaper, etc. where you found it
    -The date and page number of the newspaper
    -The name of the author of the article
    -The title of the article

My Quia activities and quizzes
Classroom objects
Study the objects found in class
Spanish Speaking Countries and Capitals
Brush up on your Geography of Spanish speaking countries & capitals!
Los Deportes y Los Pasatiempos
Sports & Pastimes en español e inglés
Las clases/Las materias
Study the classes and subjects in Spanish!
General Review Quiz 1st Quarter
A Refresher of everything we've done in the first Quarter!
Games for practicing clothing vocabulary
Los modos de transportación
Modes of transportation in español!
frases con TENER
Frases w/ tener omitted. You choose the correct form to complete each sentence.
LA COMIDA- ch. 1 Voces y Vistas
Ch. 1 food vocabulary
It's like jeopardy!
Los Adjetivos con SER
practice Chapter 2 adjectives used with SER
Weather- el tiempo
Weather expressions
Los números
Spanish #'s 0-40
-AR Verbs
-AR verbs
Zoo and Farm animals
Body Parts
Body Parts in Spanish
Conversational elements of meeting and greeting someone..
Figure out which was said first for a basic conversation
Figure out which form of Tener and Ir is used in each statement or question
TENER & IR formulas in sentences
Translate Tener and Ir formulas in sentences
Las carreras
The professions in sentence form
Las profesiones
Matching, etc. professions
Fill in the sentences with the correct family member
La Familia
Family vocabulary
Spanish for Mastery 3 Unidad 1: Las nacionalidades
Español 3 ch.1 vocab nationalities
Spanish for Mastery 3 Unidad 1 vocab: la descripción física
Español 3 ch. 1 vocab pages 10 & 11
Spanish for Mastery 3 Unidad 1 Page 6 vocabulary
Practice vocab from Ch. 1 Page 6 Spanish 3
Spanish for Mastery 3 Unidad 1 Page 6
Vocabulary from CH. 1 PAGE 6 Spanish 3
Spanish for Mastery 3 Unidad 1 ; mini- quiz on nationalities
pruebita de las nacionalidades p. 6
Spanish for Mastery 3 Unidad 2 Vocabulario pgs. 36-37
Unidad 2 vocabulary
Spanish for Mastery 3 Unidad 5
Vocabulary pages 125-126
Preterite Verbs
Preterite Verbs
Spanish 1 AR VERBS page 105 TEXT & ADVERBS page 107
TEXT page 105 -ar verb vocabulary
cinco de mayo
5th of May - learn all about it!
En español 2 Unidad 1 Etapa 1 vocabulario
Chapter vocab: plane and travel vocab.
En español 2 Unidad 1 Etapa 1 vocabulario
Chapter vocab: verbs & leisure activities
En español 2 Unidad 1 Etapa 1 Plane vocabulary
Plane vocabulary
QUIZ: En español 2 Unidad 1 Etapa 1
Preterite -AR verb conjugation
er/ir preterite verbs
Preterite - ER / -IR verb conjugation
En Español 2 Unidad 1 Etapa 2 (art)
Art Vocabulary
En Español 2 Unidad 1 Etapa 2 (food)
food, restaurant items, description of food, place settings
QUIZ: Irregular Preterite Verbs En Español 2, Unidad 1 Etapa 2
Irregular Preterite verb practice
En español 2 Unidad 2 Etapa 1 vocabulario (games & verbs)
SPANISH 2 Unidad 2 Etapa 1
En Español 2 Unidad 2 Etapa 3 Theater & Movie words
En Español 2 Unidad 2 Etapa 3
Food & Restaurant Vocabulary
hacer, conocer & oír- verbs with irregular "yo"
Spanish 1 Unidad 2 Etapa 3
Spanish for Mastery 3 Unidad 3 Vocab 65-66
En Español 1 Unidad 3 Etapa 1 Adjectives with ESTAR
Make the adjectives agree
En Español 2 Unidad 2 Etapa 3 (food vocabulary)
matching - there are 2 extra words
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