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Case Junior High  
Hola, Mis Estudiantes! Well the speaking part of the test is nearly complete.  Now just on to the listening, reading, and writing parts of the proficiency on June 19 at 9:15 (location to be announced)

There will be no more TAREA!!! However you should be studying a little (10-15 minutes) a night.  Study chapter vocab and any recent handouts I have given you.  If you would like some additional reading and writing practice, please see me for some worksheets.

All LATE homework is due by Friday, June 16!!! This is the last day of the marking period.

Congratulations to Sada Hidalgo, Anna Luisi, and Andrew Twardowski who recieved perfect scores on their speaking parts.  Also congrats to another perfect score for Adam Ruppe.

Buena Suerte!!!!!

I will be adding more games so please keep checking!!!

** There will be proficiency review classes on Wed., Thurs. (June 14, 15) for those who would like extra practice.
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