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Case Junior High School  
HOLA =)  Well finals are quickly approaching.  That means it is time to estudia, estudia, estudia. I hope you take advantage of the games I have created into order to review.  The final is cumlative and covers notes from very beginning of year as well as chapters 1-4 in Paso a Paso A.
Remember spelling does count...half a point for misspelled word.

Final Dates:
June 12 and 14: even classes
June 13 and 15: odd classes

Remember all late work id due the FIRST day of finals or you will be given a zero for each uncompleted assignment.  Also please bring your textbook to class the SECOND day of final to be collected.

A review group will be held Tuesday, June 13, afterschool until 3 or 4. (You may stay till either time)  You can attend if you have specfic question you need answered, want extra worksheets for review, or if you just feel like some extra studying and review.

Buena Suerte en sus examenes!!!!

I will be adding more games to page so please keep checking!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Finally Finals
chapters 1-4
Calender Stuff
calender words
What could that word be?
spelling does count! (I did not use accents, ect though)
Useful links
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