senorayork Señora York
Jupiter High School Spanish One Teacher
Spanish One students in Mrs. York's class -

Please complete all the activities listed under QUIA ACTIVITIES (LECCION 1.3). This is individual work, so please no talking to your neighbors. 

ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK OR CANDY in the computer lab.  Please do not spin around on chairs or horseplay in lab.  

Let Mrs. York know when you have finished, and she will come around and record your work as a class participation grade.  To get full credit, you must complete all activities and remain on task.  When you finish the activities for Leccion 1.3, go to the "Useful Links" section of class page, and start activities that interest you -- I reccommend Numbers 1-100, classroom objects, and Los Opuestos.  Try to complete them all!  Que tengas Suerte!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Adjectives describing people - Leccion 1.3
More adjectives. Leccion 1.3 Dime Uno
Masculine and Feminine Nouns. Leccion 1.3 Dime Uno
Useful links
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