Bloomington High School North Spanish teacher
Thanks for a great year.  Here are activities you can use to practice for the final exam.   If your time is limited, focus on the verb review and the grammar challenge board, both marked with **** in the description.  I recommend you spend 15-30 minutes per day playing these games.  Focus on your weak areas, and play with a friend to keep it interesting.  5/23/02 -- note the new capital matching link!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Numbers 1-31
This can help you with the spelling part of the final.
What's the subject of the sentence?
Always a good review.
Level one final exam grammar review activities
****This is a good review for the 50 grammar questions on the final!
Chapter 10 health practice
review doctor's office and feelings vocabulary
Chapter 10 Spanish to English
more health stuff
Verb conjugation -- basics Chapter 3 AR verbs
more basic verbs review
Ir+a and tener+que
a good review of these important infinitive structures
Clothing and Colors Practice
practice here and also do stem-changing verbs on the conjugation link
Clothing and Colors sentences
Practice spelling
Sports vocabulary
Review sports vocab
Sports and Activities
Review more sports vocab
All the verbs you should know -- Spanish I
Forms of hacer
practice forms of hacer
A trip to Argentina
put the story in order and practice your flight vocabulary
Restaurant vocabulary review
more flashcards to practice vocab
Capitals of Latin America
practice matching the capitals
Useful links
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