shanekia punckin
sanford middle  
Well I thought I had some friends that I thought would not lie on me. But I should of listen to my mother, the ones who
lie on you they are not your friend, but for now on and for the rest of my life I will listen to my mother.So I thought the ones I said they were my friends they is not my friend.
But this girl name Teamiller I think she is my true friend because  she will not lie on me. And also cousins lie on you to
so they  are all the same.I don't have no friends. and me and this other girl we act like we are real sister but I guess
not I don't have no friend. the only true friend I have is my mother and the all mighty himself God.

The end of my saddly moment of my life
I feel like crying and my heart.

             By: Shanekia Jessie
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