shanghai Anne
To the Shanghai star teachers,

I can't believe we're in our final few days of the course. I'm going to miss you all.Please keep in touch:

This is our last chance to complete all we want to do on

Please check out the activities below BEFORE you go into your own account. It should give you an idea of what you can do.

AFTER THAT, if you didn't create a new trial account last week you need to do so today. Use a diffent user name.

NEXT create the activity by using the instructor zone.

THEN create/edit your class page and add your activities.

Don't forget to write down all your addresses as well as any links you may want to add to a class page in the future.

Call me when you need help.

Good luck

My Quia activities and quizzes
Going out for a meal
verb/noun collocations TD
Methodology terminology
How's your vocabulary?
Vocab terminology Teacher Development
The Shopkeeper
Eaten By a Crocodile
To be eccentric is mad!
Opposites Food and accents!
Have you been or did you go?
We don't always have fun but we're having fun now!
I apologised to the class for being late
Have you been or did you go?
Useful links
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