sharonrobinson Mrs. Robinson
Wilmer Elementary 4th Grade teacher- Wilmer Elementary
History:  Mon.  Identify and describe early civil rights organizaions.
         Tues:  Describe Freedom riders
         Wed.  Describe the actions that accompanied the         civil rights movement
       Thurs.  Describe the importance of Dr. Martin               Luther King, Jr.

Math:  Mon.  Equivalent fractions- page 343
      Tues.  Compare and order fractions- page 345
      Wed.  Make a model to solve a problem- page 347
      Thurs.  Read and write moxed numbers- page 349

Adv. Math  Mon.: Add decimals- page 393
      Tues:  Estimate decima sums and differences- page 395
      Wed.  Review chapter 23
      Thurs.  Chapter 23 Test

English:  Throughout the week we will be practicing SAT        skills

Spelling:  Mon:  Review basic and review words- page 158
      Tues:  Proofread for spelling- page 159
      Wed.  Use a thesaurus to determine word meanings-        page 160.
      Thurs:  Unit 25 Test

reading:  Mon: Preview vocabulary for "No Star Nights"
       Tues:  Guided Reading
       Wed.  Generalizations and figurative language
       Thurs:  Test

Friday-  Teacher workday!  No Classes!!!!!!!
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