shaun40 Mrs. Underhill
Paideia Institute of Classical Studies Integrated Curriculum Instructor
Welcome Paideia Scholars,

We are in the midst of our interdisciplinary study of Vincent Van Gogh:  The Man and The Artist.

This Week's Activities:

Monday:  Finish and present studies:  Completed:  Nathan, Patrick, To be completed:  John, Chris, Anthony and Ben

Tuesday:  Hand in Picture Studies:  Chris, Anthony and Ben
Do Quia Activity #1

Wednesday:  Biographical Sketch of Vincent VanGogh is due.
(One - two pages - grades 5-7)  Two paragraphs (Grade 3)
Do Quia Activity #2

Thursday:  Selection of Five Favorite Paintings of the Artist - Mount them during class - design Gallery and Van Gogh Exhibit at Paideia

Friday:  Showing of the Van Gogh Video 12:00 noon - 2:00
View either at School or at home.  Complete Movie study and discussion guide.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Van Gogh: The Artist and The Man
Use of vocabulary words and artist's works
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