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Proverbe:  "Qui donne aux pauvres prête à Dieu."
(He who gives to the poor lends to God OR Charitable acts will be rewarded in the future.)

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La semaine du 4 octobre:


We'll review expressions with "faire" (p. 58) and learn another way to form questions.  Review the question words on your flashcards or on page 21!

DEVOIRS:  Translation sheet with idiomatic expressions.


Pas d'école! Conférences Parents-Professeurs.


     1.  Know how to conjugate avoir p. 56 and faire p. 58.
     2.  Know expressions with avoir and faire in yellow boxes pp. 56 and 58

Journal entry:  Responsabilités à la maison.

We'll begin Leçon 4 with the Vidéo Scène.

PARENTS: Does your child have assigned responsibilities at home?  S/he is writing a journal entry telling how s/he helps out.  Have him/her tell you what s/he wrote.  Is it true?
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