shawneeapmeh Mr. Campbell
Shawnee High School AP Modern European History teacher
This page is designed to give you links to some great AP Modern European History Websites and information resources.

Summer Project

1.Read Chapter 31 from Palmer and take notes. Be ready for 
  discussion on the first couple of days in September. 

2 and 3 will be handed on the first full day of school in September

2. Read Machiavelli's The Prince and answer questions.
   Read More's Utopia and answer questions.
   (Both sets of questions are in packet handed out at the
    end of school, or can be found on the Vanguard website
    under summer assignment part 3)
3. After reading both books, you are to complete 500 word
   essay contrasting a Machiavellian ruler and state
   organized like Utopia.

Useful links
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