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Hi, Everybody!

I have been chilling all summer!  Now I am going back to school and it has been really great for me because I have a really great teacher - Mrs. DuBois-Webber.  She is a really cool teacher and has been teaching us sign language and some songs.  I have not gotten much homework yet since school just started.  I feel good about school and confident this year.

Tomorrow I am going to the Brookfield Zoo with my children's pastor, Pastor Orlando and the other kids in BLAST.  BLAST stands for Bible Learning And Spiritual Training.  My church is really cool and I hope you can visit it sometime.

See ya!



Here's a Bible verse I am learning : Romans 12:9-21

                                 A Magic Key

I was digging when I found a golden key. It had a letter and it said this is a magic key. I tried to open   a black chest but it didn’t work. Then I noticed it also said the chest had to be the same color as the key! And then I remembered I saw a chest that was gold! I went and tried and it worked!!!! The next day I showed my Mom and Dad. They said I could keep the magic key and the gold chest! It had 2 million$ and my eyes lit up with money signs$$. But my Dad said I had to keep it for my college money But he also said I could keep 1% of the money!! The next day I asked if I could go to TOY ‘S OR US
And they said yes! That day I got all the toy’s I wanted. Then when I got home the chest and key were gone. Because I was selfish with the money.
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Bible Verses
The Glittering Cloud p. 62
All Alone p. 64
Someting Queer in Rock 'n' Roll p. 66
Crow, Elephant, and Rabbit p. 68
Mother Goose Gumshoe p. 70
Family Pictures p.72
Faith Ringgold's Stories in Art p. 74
The Boll Weevil / Mr. Yowder p. 76
Roxaboxen p. 78
Three Wondrous Buildings p. 80
Night of the Twisters p. 82
A Leak in the Dike p. 84
Ready, Set, Dive p. 86
Teammates p. 88
Nadia the Willful p. 90
Atariba & Niguayona p. 92
Bible Verses from Unit 2
2 Timothy 3: 1-8
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