sheltonla Mrs. Shelton
Humble Middle School
Welcome to Language Arts...
Where Writing Comes To Life And Words Have Power!
Every week we study Spelling/Vocabulary and Grammar.  We are  concentrating on the Writing Process and will continue to write in class.

Homework:  Homework is usually given on Mondays and Tuesdays.  All homework not turned in when it is due is 50%.

Study Hints:
Spelling/Vocabulary: Review the week's Spelling/Vocabulary words with your child daily.  Quiz them at the dinner table or before they leave in the morning. Spelling/Vocabulary tests are on Friday!

Writing:  The best way to help your child improve his/her writing is by encouragement.  Encourage your child to read their work and look for their mistakes.  Also, offer advice on how to make their writing more powerful.

General:  Help your student stay organized!  This tool will lead to their success.
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