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These games are designed to help you throughout the year. If you would like me to add a game on a certain topic, feel free to e-mail me or let me know in class.  Bonne chance!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Bonjour! Greetings & Goodbyes
French 1A
Classroom Phrases for Participation Grade ("Brownie Points")
all levels
French Numbers
French Numbers: all levels
Bleu- L 01 accents
Practice the names of accents
Les Couleurs
French 1A
Voilà ma famille!
French 1A
Etre review: all levels
La Francophonie
French 1A
Les Couleurs
Les Objets dans la Salle de Classe
Practice your classroom vocabulary
Unit 2 - Quelle heure est-il? Battleship
Can you tell the time in French?
French weather/dates quiz
Le corps
Body parts-match the word to the picture
Leçon 5 vocab
People vocabulary: friends, teachers, etc.
En ville
Places around town
Addition, soustraction, on calcule
Practice your French numbers with math
Pratiquons les numéros!
More number practice
Unité 3 leçon 5
Activities: Likes/dislikes and invitations
Unité 3 leçon 8 Question words
Do you know your question words?
A la fête d'Halloween
J'ai mal...
Les Animaux
Dossier Personnel (Personal ID)
Phrases Communicatives
"Je" phrases + other common sentence starters!
Jeu d'Être
Je sais l'alphabet
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