sheppolicy Mrs. Shepard
Pender High School Algebra/Calculus Teacher
The following is the class policy and Grading system for my classes (any changes will be noted)

Grades:  Based on homework, notebook, class work, quizzes and tests.

      1.  20% Homework, notebook and class work.  All have
          the same value.
    Homework:  Due the next class period. All work
              must be shown for complete credit.  Late
              homework is unacceptable, unless absent.  The
              work missed when absent is due the next day
              (see “absences”).
            Graded as: (check plus) = 100%, complete, neat
                                      and in pencil.
                       (check) = 85%, over 85% complete and
                                 neat or in pen.
                       (check minus)= 70%, over 70%
                                 complete complete, messy
                                 or in pen
                       (minus) = 50%, over 40% complete.
                       (no grade or 0)= 0%, less than 40%
                               complete or no work shown.
         Notebook: Daily notes, handouts, corrected
            quizzes and tests must be dated and kept in the
            notebook in the order they are given.  A
            checklist should be maintained at the beginning
            of the notebook so that I can grade it
            periodically. (calculus exempt)
  Class work: Any work completed during class time;
           includes “quick checks”, group work or
           individual practice.

     2.  30% Quizzes. Expect a quiz at least once a week.
          Quizzes are not multiple choice.  Lowest quiz
          grade is dropped. Quizzes missed must be made up
          either after school or during lunch by
          arrangement. (See “absences”) 

     3.  50% Tests.  Expect a multiple choice test, in the
          same fashion as the final, after each chapter.
          No test score is dropped.  Tests missed must be
          made up either after school or during lunch by
          arrangement.(See “absences”)
            **Midterm = 2 test grades
            **Final = 25% of final average

Absences: Please refer to the student handbook for the school policy on absences.  Work missed during an absence must be made up in a timely manner to maintain the continuity of the course.  You are allowed one day for every day absent to turn in work missed.  A folder and calendar will be in the classroom with pertinent handouts and assignments.  It is the students’ responsibility to refer to this information when they come back from an absence and make necessary arrangements for missed quizzes/tests.  Make up quizzes/tests may be different from the one taken during regular class time.

Tardiness:  All students are expected to be seated when the tardy bell rings.  Three tardies are counted as an absence as per the student handbook.  After school detention is assigned for the second and third tardies, as well as a lunch detention of the same number of minutes as was tardy.  Subsequent tardies are turned over to the administration.

Conduct:  It is expected that students are courteous to their classmates and me.  Talking out of turn, getting out of their seat, eating and drinking are not allowed in the classroom.  Discreet gum chewing and hard candy/throat lozenges are allowed as long as cleanliness is maintained.  Although there is an electric pencil sharpener located in the classroom, it will not be available during class time (its too noisy and disrupts class).  Handheld sharpeners will be available at those times.  (It would be appreciated if students got their own.).  Problems are dealt with by warnings, extra work, lunch detention, after school detention, parental contact or administrative referral, depending on severity and frequency.
Students are to have the following materials at class time: notebook, paper, sharpened pencil, and textbook.  Lack of any is considered a discipline problem.

Graphing calculator:  All students are assigned a particular numbered calculator.  These calculators are not allowed out of the room.  The student is to pick it up before being seated (allow this time so as not to be tardy!), turn it on and report any problems immediately if you do not want to be blamed for any damage.  Turn off, cover and return calculators at the end of class.

Extra help is available after school on Tuesday and Thursday until 4:15 or by arrangement.  The math department has a reciprocal policy so that a student should feel free to seek extra help with other teachers if I am unavailable for whatever reason. I will be working on a website to help communication among teacher, parent and student and will let you know when it is up and running.  Meanwhile I can be reached at school (259-0162), home (259-6686) or at my
e-mail address (

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