shhstechsupp Dr. Imboden
Science Hill High School Technology Support instructor/coordinator
The Technology Support Class was established at Science Hill High School in the fall of 1997. The purpose of the class is to train interested junior and senior students in the basics of computer technology repair and support. Students spend one and one-half hours each day for the first semester learning skills and methods for technology support. Second semester, they can sign up to work as support personnel in the schools if the instructor of the class recommends them.

Students earn work-study credit and can elect to work for wages or to have their earnings put toward the purchase of a computer.

The list below details the required skills and knowledge expected of students who complete the course.

For additional information contact Dr. Hugh Imboden at 423-232-2147 (FAX 423-232-2150), by mail at 501 Liberty Bell Blvd., Johnson City, TN 37604, or by email at

Computer Technology Support

Use the following as a checklist of knowledge and skills needed to do well in this course:

Perform Administrative Functions
_____ 1. Prepare a service order.
_____ 2. Maintain labor records
_____ 3. Maintain inventory
_____ 4. Order parts
_____ 5. Maintain shipping records
_____ 6. Prepare items for shipping
_____ 7. Upgrade service manuals via Internet or hard copy
_____ 8. Maintain call record report
_____ 9. Establish customer and equipment history file
_____10. Calculate equipment repair cost
_____11. Calculate system installation cost
_____12. Update on-site maintenance log

Maintaining Customer Service
_____13. Demonstrate appropriate customer service and job skills
_____14. Troubleshoot customer problems
_____15. Determine repair method
_____16. Demonstrate computer equipment functions
_____17. Demonstrate software functions

Evaluating Diagnostics
_____18. Conduct memory tests
_____19. Conduct keyboard test
_____20. Conduct read/write/verify tests
_____21. Conduct color bar test
_____22. Conduct graphics tests
_____23. Conduct disk interface card test
_____24. Conduct parallel port test
_____25. Conduct serial port test
_____26. Conduct monitor test
_____27. Conduct data communication line test
_____28. Interpret diagnostic flow charts

Maintaining Computer Equipment
_____29. Clean metallic parts
_____30. Clean non-metallic parts
_____31. Clean electrical connections
_____32. Clean cable connections
_____33. Clean outside case/cover

Installing Computer Equipment
_____34. Help determine customer requirements
_____35. Design system layout
_____36. Transport equipment
_____37. Set up equipment
_____38. Perform installation tests
_____39. Demonstrate the use of the system on site
_____40. Interpret troubleshooting charts
_____41. Remove and install cover
_____42. Install keyboard
_____43. Install motherboard and/or CPU
_____44. Install power supply
_____45. Install analog board
_____46. Install disk drive assembly
_____47. Understand the installation of integrated circuit chips
_____48. Install print head
_____49. Install printer carriage assembly
_____50. Install printer paper feed assembly
_____51. Install peripheral connection
_____52. Install main memory
_____53. Install and configure network cards
_____54. Install keys on keyboard

Software, Application, and Network Support
_____55. Understand, install, troubleshoot operating systems (Windows, Macintosh)
_____56. Select software programs appropriate to applications
_____57. Install, train, troubleshoot software (Office suites, browsers, etc.)
_____58. Install, train, troubleshoot network software (MS, ethernet, etc.)
_____59. Prepare computers for use on-line (LAN, WAN, Internet)
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