shiloh Mrs. Malm
East Woods School
Please choose a category of dog from the list below. I have provided a web address in the "Useful Links" section of this page to help you get started.

You will be responsible for a full-size poster and a 3-5 minute oral presentation the evening of the potluck.

Look in the "Shiloh" box to find a rubric for your poster and oral presentation.

I have provided a link for each of the categories below. These links will only provide a very brief summary of what you will need to learn and present. Be sure to follow the rubric very carefully.

Have a wonderful time learning about the outstanding animals that make our lives better!

              List of Possible Topics

1.  Dogs for People with Hearing Impairments
2.  Therapy Dogs
3.  Guide Dogs
4.  War Dogs
5.  Search and Rescue Dogs
6.  Other (to be approved by Mrs. Malm)
Useful links
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