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                                                                                               May Artists of the Month


Congratulations to the artists of the month: Alyssa Ali, Kendrick Carpenter, Ainsley Channon, and Kody Letteriello.
These kindergarten students drew a rabbit and then they watercolored it. They mixed the watercolors to make other
colors. They learned that mixing black and white would make gray. Great Job Kindergarten. Look for them in the mini
art gallery in the school office.

      Mary Cassatt  1844- 1926             American Woman Impressionist Painter

  Famous Artist Quote: "I am independent! I live alone and I love to work."  Mary Cassatt

For more information on the artist Mary Cassatt, explore the links below. (useful links)

  Drawing Rules to Live By

1. There is no one right way to draw.
2. Don't compare your artwork to other people.
3. There's really no messing up.
4. Practice.
5. Don't stress out about showing your drawings.
6. You're the only artist in the world who can draw the way you do.
7. Have fun and draw, draw, draw.                                                      

                                   Guess the Mystery Masterpiece Contest

Each month there will be a different picture of a masterpiece artwork in the hallway outside of the art room. To
enter the contest you will need to find out the artist name and title of the artwork. There will be a hint and also
websites listed to help you find the answer. You will need to fill out the form and put it into the box on the table
in the hallway. At the end of each month, four correct answers will be chosen from the box. Those four students
will recieve a prize. Have fun exploring art!

                                                                      May Mystery Masterpiece

    Hint:This artist most famous painting is "Starry Night". This artist painted around 900 paintings in a 10 year period.
This artist sold only one painting during his life time. This artist became famous after his death.

Websites to explore:

                                                            May Mystery Masterpiece Contest Results

Artist: Vincent Van Gogh   Title: "Van Gogh's Bedroom in Arles"
Winners of May Mystery Masterpiece contest: Amanda DeHaven, Natalie Miller (3rd Grade), Danielle Surgeoner (4th Grade)
Skyler Langley and Morgan Patton (5th Grade)

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