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Deutsch I Schüler: Herzlich Willkommen!

Kapitel 8:

Für diese Woche:

Montag, d. 14. Mai

1) Return chapter test & have class correct select sentences from the test; 2) Categorize all known German foods (semantic map); 3) Discuss title of Kapitel 8 & predict what we will be learning; 4) Compare predictions to Chapter objectives; 5) Look at Los Geht's, KM194-95, and predict dialog.

Hausaufgabe: nichts

Dienstag, d. 15. Mai

1) Los Geht's video 2) Read Los Geht's text, KM194-94; 3) Los Geht's questions with a partner, KM196.

Hausaufgabe: Complete Los Geht's questions, KM196.

Mittwoch, d, 16. Mai

1) Introduction to new vocabulary; 2) Similarities/difference in pictured items on KM197 to U.S.?; 3) Was ist: Metzger, Bäcker & Obst/Gemüseladen?; 4) Sign up for Eispartie: Was müssen wir kaufen?.

Hausaufgabe: GV64

Donnerstag, d. 17. Mai

1) Review vocabulary; 2) conjugation of sollen; 3)Practice sollen with other new vocabulary

Hausaufgabe: GV65

Freitag, d. 18. Mai

1) Review homework; 2) Eispartie; 2) Review results of Internet scavenger hunt.

Hausaufgabe: Nichts--Hab ein schönes Wochenende!


Special announcements:

1.  Extra credit ideas for Kapitel 8: 1. Write a report or do a PowerPoint presentation on what you would see/do/visit if you were visiting München (make sure to cite all your sources!). 2. Create a PowerPoint presentation for the vocabulary in this chapter. 3. Make a "Wappe", or coat of arms, for one of the 16 German states--see Frau Spezia or Turrel for details.
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