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March 3

Please remember that the Publisher Projects assigned the 4th six weeks are due by Friday March 7.  This change in deadline was announced on February 24.

Also when you are working on the steps for Project 3, you may stop after printing on page 172.

February 28

Today is the day to print the paper.  Remember NOT to duplex when you print to the color laserjet.  The paper should be placed in the bottom tray of the color laserjet printer.  The front page and the calendar are the only two pages to be printed in color.  Run 150 copies of each page.

We will probably need another two reams of paper from the office.  Someone go get this paper.  Check with Walter to see if he did this earlier.

Walter and Darryl may have started printing second hour.  Shanterria, please finish your calendar and print 150 color copies.  If Shanterria isn't here, open her calendar and finish it.  I think it is in Student Issues perhaps.  There are a few typos to correct and some text to boldface.  Also add Moving Holiday as the text on March 17 - 20.

Collate the paper, staple, and take to English teachers and the office.  Save me a copy please.

February 24

Today you should finish the February AXE.  Make sure your article is complete with a headline and byline and inserted in the final copy.

Also please note that the deadline for finishing the Publisher projects has changed to Friday, March 7.  No exceptions!

You did an excellent job on the January paper and I am very proud of you all.  Please don't forget to look at your handout or read below to see the Publisher 2003 assignment.

Also, by February 8, I need ONE finished copy of our Valentine's Day cookbook.  To make this happen, each of you must finish your three recipes.  Be sure that your recipe is easy to follow and has your name on the page.  Also include clip art and/or a border or other decoration.  Work together to design a cover that says Desktop Publishing 2008 Cookbook.  Add clip art and designs for Valentine's Day.  Have someone (maybe James or the sub) take your picture and put this on the inside of the back cover.  Get both covers laminated.  Punch holes and bind.  The cookbook should have at least 23 pages.  Remember that this is a group project and you are only making one book--mine!  THis is due February 8.

Have a great week!  Alicia Nichols

Desktop Publishing Running Assignment (January - March)


1. Finish typing recipes.  Add clip art.  Save.  Print & submit.

2. Finish articles. 

Get these done!  No excuses! 

Get pictures!  Sign out cameras…charge batteries! (2d drawer desk—ask Mrs. Nichols or sub for camera) 

Check 4th period tray for information that I have…Walter, see basket for Band article.


a. Darryl—Girls Basketball and All District/All Area Football

b. Montika—Library Update (AR points, etc.) and New School Info

c. Shanterria & Hope—Miss Lumberjack, February calendar (birthdays in tray) Grisham should send a few pictures.  Ask Tara if she has any…

d. Walter—Boys Basketball & Battle of the Bands

e. Tara—Yearbook Staff & Class of the Year (take picture of sr president or sr officers with jar in library).  Also Tyler Covington, Student of the Year (get picture)—see him for info!

f. Emily—Science Fair (info in box)

3. Publisher 2003 Projects  (due by March 14)---BUT DON’T PROCASTINATE

The data files are on Drive P in the Publisher 2003 folder.  Copy those files to your personal folder.  Click on the folder on Drive P.  Copy folder.  Go to your personal folder.  Paste.  Ask someone if you don’t know how.

Open the Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 textbook by Shelly, Cashman, and Starks.

a. Skip the reading in Project 1.  Turn to Page PUB 58 - 63.  Complete Apply Your Knowledge Project 1 and In the Lab Projects 1-3

b. Start with the reading on Page PUB66, Publisher Project 2.  Complete all the steps from page PUB 66 through page PUB 118.  Do NOT do the Apply Your Knowledge or In the Lab projects.

c. Start with the reading on Page PUB 130, Publisher Project 3.  Complete all the steps from Page PUB 130 through page PUB 179.

January 25

Today you will receive a handout sheet with projects and information you will need until March 14.  Don't let it confound you.  Priorities are 1) finish recipes, 2) finish January paper, and 3) finish Publisher 2003 projects.

January 8

Hopefully yall are being very good for Mrs. Davis.  With a good checkup, I will be back tomorrow and we can plan for the January paper. 

Continue reading or working on something you need to do.  Just be very quiet!

Walter and Darryl, it might be good for yall to start accumulating information about basketball.  Whatever you think...


January 7

Happy New Year!

Get Mrs. Davis to give you a pass to your locker or to the library.

Get an accelerated reader and start earning points for Mrs. Cooper for this six weeks!  She'll be proud of you.

See you soon.

Alicia Nichols
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