Southern High School Infrastructure & Architectural Design
Drafting 1

Course Description:

This course introduces students to the use of simple and complex graphic tools used to communicate and understand ideas and concepts found in the areas of architecture, manufacturing, engineering, science and mathematics. Topics include business meeting skills and goal setting strategies, classical representation methods such as sketching, geometric construction techniques, CAD, orthographic projection, and dimensioning. Skills in communication, mathematics, science, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving are reinforced in this course. Job shadowing is an appropriate work-based learning strategy for this course. Hands-on work experience and SkillsUSA leadership activities provide many opportunities to enhance classroom instruction and career development. (Note that 3-D Solid Modeling has been added to the curriculum).
My Quia activities and quizzes
Parliamentary Procedure Terms
Parliamentary Procedure Fill-In
D1-jumbled words for Leadership
Parliamentary Procedure - Pop Up
D1-Parliamentary Procedure Terms
Area and Perimeter Formulas
Warm Up Construction Math
Construction Math Homework
Leadership Terms
QT_Unit 1 Leadership
PT_ABC's of Lines/Lettering
ABC's of Lines/Lettering
Draft 1 Leadership/ABC's of Lines/Lettering
PT_Sketching Concepts
Sketching: True or False
Warm Up Sketching
PT_3.01 Use of Drafting Equipment
PT_Basic Drafting Skills
Games_Basic Drafting Skills
Draft 1_ Benchmark_1 (10-7-10)
PT_Sketching: True or False
PT_Geometric Construction
Draft 1- Basic Drafting Skills
BDS Equipment Test
Draft_1 Geometric Construction Test - 11/5/10
PT_Drafting 1 Multiview
D1- Drafting I Multiview Drawing
Drafting I Multiview Drawing
Draft 1_ Benchmark 11-23-10
PT_Basic Dimensioing Skills
PT_Drafting 1 AutoCAD
PT_Drafting 1 AutoCAD#3
PT_Drafting 1 Mid-Term Review 1/10/20
Draft 1- Final Practice Test
Draft 1- Final Exam Prep
101 Leadership Vocabulary
Draft 1 Leadership/Goals
Draft 1 ABC's of Lines, Lettering & Sketching
Draft 1_ Benchmark#1 3/7/11
D1-Geometric terms - drafting I
Geometry Basics I
D1-Geometric terms balloons- drafting
Draft 1_Benchmark#2 5/2/11
Draft 1_ Dimensioing Quiz 5/13/11
PT_Drafting 1 AutoCAD#2
Draft 1 final review (clickers)
Architectural Drafting
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