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Hey! Shugriva here!

Thanks to Marzi Glitz for the pic.

I wish you all a good time. I'm not quite finished yet. So, bear with me!

Stuff about me:

Name: Shugriva

Eye color: Green

Fur color: Mostly black with some white.

Aditude: Rough, tough, and adventurous, this cat will go to extreme hieghts to get to her goals.

Goals: Kill Macavity or one date with her crush.

Backround: Loves anything tough. She hates being called kitten. It's what puts her in the mood to fight. Her best friend in kittenhood was kitten-napped by Macavity. He was rumored to have killed her friend. She is now out for revenge. She may have some 'tude, but she is automaticly a romantic. She can't help it.



Bethany, the gaurdian of all felines.

Ceres, the gaurdian of witches and wicca.

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