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Utah State University SI Instructor Soc. 1010
Welcome to the SI Sociology 1010 Web Help.

When and Where is SI held?
Monday 3:30 M 304
Wednesday 1:30  Hper 110
Thurs 4:30 M301
(any changes in this schedule will be announced in class)

What is SI?

Supplemental Instruction is a proactive model for student assistance aimed at enhancing student learning and aiding in student retention.  SI is desinged to assist students in maastering course concepts and, at the same time, increase student competency in reading, reasoning, and study skills.  Strategies taught in SI sessions are applicable across disciplines. (SI Handbook by Noelle Call, revised August 1999)

How will I, as a student, benefit?
* SI is proactive and participatory, rather than reactive and passive.
* Students earn higher course grades while they learn effective study skills.
*SI provides pper collaboration learning experiences which promotes assimilation into the campus culture.
*SI enjoys a nonremedial image, while offering students academic support in historically difficult classes. 
* SI makes efficient use of study time.
* SI provides an opportunity for students to develop friendships among students and staff.
(Information from the SI Handbook, Prepared by Noelle Call, revised August 1999)

Important Dates to Remember
Friday March 31, 2000 TEST #4
Wed. April 5, 2000 Workbook set #5 Due
Friday April 21, 2000 Test #5
Mon. May 1, 2000 Service Project paper due.

Jason J. Leiker
Office: Old Main 244B
Office Hours: 10:25-11:25 M,W,F or by appt.
Office Phone: 797-7123
Sociology Department: 797-1230

Test #4 will cover:
Chapter 10 Race and Ethnicty
Chapter 11 Economics and Politics (pgs. 272-288)
Chapter 15 Environment and Society
class notes and in-class videos
My Quia activities and quizzes
Race and Ethnicity Chapter 10
These games will help you learn vocabulary.
Economics and Politics, Homeless Video
These learning activities only cover pages 272-282
Chapter 15 Environment and Society
Good Luck! Don't forget to read the chapter!
Useful links
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