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bonjour la classe..!        ...updated 03/10/00 11:00pm

welcome to our home page...  you can think of this as your launching pad to 'things french'...  below (in the section labeled useful links)  you'll find some interesting sites that you should be able to understand by looking at the pictures and the words you already know.

it should be fun to look around.  even if you don't know where you're going, just click and seek.  if you wind up in a stage place, or would like to kow more about what you're looking at, clip the address and email it to my by returning to this home page.

if your PARENTS can help you figure out some words and captions, you might be able to teach them a little about what you've learned.  (show off a little  :) invite them along for the ride.


in the section labeled class activities you will find some GAMES for review, including hangmans, memory, word searches, etc...  for the moment, there are only a few, and because i did not create them myself, they are included under the USEFUL LINKS...

as i (and you) build more games for our class, they will begin to appear in this the activities box.


There's some COOL NEW STUFF below, so check it all out....  :)

 i'll see ya in class,

My Quia activities and quizzes
date review game
review dates and numbers by clicking here
clock and days
Useful links
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