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Biography Project

Citing your sources
Remember to cite the source of information that is:

* A direct quote
* Not a well known fact
* Someone else's opinion
* A statistic

You do not have to cite information that is commonly found in a number of reference books. Examples would be a person's birth date, place of birth, etc.

Write your report in your own words.

Finding information:
To find biographical information about your author, do the following:

1. Click on Home.

2. Click on Resources.

3. Click on Library References.

4. Click on Gale Network.

There are three products that you can try:
Discovering Authors
Discovering Biography
Contemporary Authors

For those authors who have been famous since 1940 you can also use Current Biography. This is found on the Library Reference page.

The library also has a number of good reference books about authors. Ask your librarian for help in finding them.

The links below have been selected to provide you with another source of information about your author.
Useful links
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