siemers Mrs. Siemers
Holland Hall School 5th grade English and SocialStudies
Spelling Test #1 on Thursday.  Remember to study your words nightly.

******Reminder:  Need to complete at least one library book by September l8th.  Details on your written follow-up will be announced shortly.

  Fifth Grade English Week-at-a-Glance
  September 4 - 8

       No School - Labor Day

Turn in your spelling workbooks - lesson #1.
Begin reading A Bridge to Terabithia by
        Katherine Paterson.
Read chapter 1 in class.

Homework - Read chapter 2 and complete p.1 in your reading
        packet.Study for your spelling test on Thursday.
     Keep reading your library book.

Wednesday -  Discuss chapter 2 and discuss your answers to the questions on p.1 in your reading packet. Next, answer the 5 questions on p.2 in the packet.

Homework - Study for the spelling test tomorrow.
  Read your library book.

Thursday - Spelling Test #1 (study emphasis - silent
                 "e" words and suffixes).  Review nouns

Homework - Continue reading your library book.

Friday -
   Read chapter 3 in B to T and complete skill sheet.

Language Arts Workshop Spellng Lesson 2 (study
       emphasis - suffix "-able").  

Homework - Spelling Workbooks are due on Monday, September
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