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Indian Trail Middle School math, science, reading teacher
  We hope you had a wonderful holiday! The 2nd 9 weeks will be ending and we will be starting a new 9 weeks with new academic units and AR goals. We are asking the students to stay on task and to continue to work hard. With half of the school year completed, we are expecting the students to turn in homework on time and to study for test. We want all our students to succeed! Please continue to support them.
     In math, we have started the new year with multiplying fractions, and we will begin a geometry unit soon.  I have stressed to the students the importance in knowing multiplication and division facts.  If your child is struggling with multiplication or division, please have them practice the facts several times a week.  Flash cards or one of the avaliable games would be great practice.

   In science, we have started our ecology unit. This unit will consist of food chains, energy pyramids, and biomes. I am participating in a grant that will be based on my biome unit. This will bring $600 to our classroom for the use of technology. Let me know if you have any ideas on how the money should be spent to benifit the students.

    We had the best team in the school for AR this 9 weeks.  The team earned 2,025 points in AR. I love seeing the students sharing their favorite books. My reading students for the 3rd 9 weeks will have their AR goal in the front of their Timetracker. We will be reading Family Under the Bridge and Frindle as a class. Please contact us if you have any concerns.  We want every student to succeed!
Ms. Siler
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