simel Mrs. Simel
St.Raphael 7th Grade teacher
Dear Parents,

I wanted to take this opportunity to communicate with you reagarding our Science Fair progress.

All topics have now been approved, which means that both research and experimentation can begin.

We have discussed the format of the research paper, or the Review of Literature, as I will refer to it, and the various requirements for the paper.  The students have a booklet with directions for completeing their projects.  They also have reference sheets for documentation and formating of Works Cited.  Please ask to see these. The Review of Literature at completion should be no less than five, doublespaced pages. Both  our literature and language books provide examples and procedure for successfully writing a research paper.

On November 2, 2000 I will be checking notecards, and from that point determining a due date for a rough draft.  Thursday afternoons will be used as information gathering time, therefore materials should be brought to class.

We have begun with a very positive attitude and all seems to be going very well.  Please encourage your student to maintain a time schedule so procrastination doesn't become a disabling factor.  Assignment notebooks have calendars developed also.

Thanks for all your help.

Penny Simel
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