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This Week in 6th Grade Science
Week of:  March 31, 2003>


ANNOUNCE:  Test Tuesday, Earthquakes and Volcanoes

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6th Grade Science and Health Syllabus – 2002/2003
Mrs. Kramer

Course Goals:  
    - to understand the record of creation through
      studying earth sciences
    - to observe the unity and diversity of all living  
    - to understand, in light of Gods perspective, current
      health topics

   Science Insights:  Exploring Earth and Space
   Addison Wesley, 1997
   There is no specific health textbook

Course Outline:
   The topics intended to be covered in 6th Grade Science
   and health are listed below

Health                                                   Science
Life Management Skills                     
History of Medicine                            
Circulatory System                             
Respiratory System                           
The academic year will be broken down into three blocks.  They are as follows:

6 weeks 9/3 – 10/11 Health
24 weeks 10/14 – 4/25 Science
6 weeks 4/28 – 6/6 Health

Required Class Materials:
-Textbook (covered)
-Pencil with eraser

NOTE:  All health and science assignments must be completed in pencil ONLY.  Assignments turned in using pen will be returned and considered late.  Mistakes on assignments done in pencil must be erased.  Papers with words crossed out, arrows pointing to the answer, or more than three spelling errors will be returned and considered late.

-Notebook paper for class notes, quizzes or assignments
-Binder for notes and papers

Classroom Rules and Procedures
The rules and procedures to be followed in class are centered around the production of a proper learning environment and an atmosphere of respect between the students and the teacher.  Behavior that interferes with the above is unacceptable and conduct points will be awarded.

Disruptive behavior includes

Out of seat or not in your assigned seat when class begins
Sharpening a pencil or throwing away garbage in the middle of class
Talking while another student is talking.
Willful damage to the classroom or equipment
Being disrespectful to other students and/or Mrs. Kramer
Refer to the Middle School discipline guidelines

General Classroom Policies

Late Assignments
If an assignment is turned in late there will be a 10% reduction in the score of the assignment for each late day.  If an assignment is turned in three days late after the due date the assignment will be scored a zero.

Note: The student is responsible for getting all notes and assignments when absent.  The student is also responsible for scheduling time to make up missed labs, quizzes and tests.

If you are present in class and fail to turn in an assignment when collected, your assignment will be considered one day late and the 10% rule will apply.

Note: However many days you are absent is the number of days you have to make up the assignments, labs, quizzes or tests.  The late rule will apply for assignments, etc. that are turned in after this time.  It is the student's responsibility to see Mrs. Kramer after class to arrange make up work.

Lab Behavior
Disruptive behavior during lab will result in removal from the activity and a zero grade for the lab that day.

Willful damage done to the classroom or equipment will result in the student having to reimburse school officials for the cost of repairing the damage and/or replacing equipment.

Most laboratory activities will be done with a partner or in a group.  Discussion of lab answers with your partner is permitted: direct copying of your partner’s lab answers is not.

Students are responsible for cleaning up their own lab area and equipment.  This will be figured into lab grades.

Other Procedures
Tardy:   Students late to class will be sent to the previous class for a tardy slip.  If unexcused tardies continue, the student will accumulate conduct points, and be referred to the office.  Assignments missed because of unexcused time will be scored a zero.  

Bathroom passes will only be given during free time at the end of the class period, if time allows.  Plan to use the bathroom during breaks, before school, and before and after lunch.

No students may use the classroom telephone except in emergency situations, and then only after receiving permission from the teacher.

Student Evaluation

Note:  All assignments, including in class assignments, homework and lab reports must be done in cursive writing, unless stated by the teacher.

1. Homework
All homework assignments will be posted in room 208.  If there is an assignment given and not written on the board, or the assignment posted is not correct, please inform Mrs. Kramer.

Unless stated, all homework assignments are worth 5 points each.

Note: In Mrs. Kramer’s class, an assignment will be passed back to students with no credit due to illegible handwriting, if it is printed. To get late credit the assignment must be turned in be 8:30 a.m. the next school day after it is turned back to the student.

There are three possible ways a homework assignment may be graded.

Assignments will be graded using the following grading scheme.

Percent Correct on assignment     Points Earned

80 – 100%                              check = 5 points

50 – 79%                               check minus = 3 points

0 – 49%                                 check zero = 0 points

Periodically during the grading period assignments will be graded using the following grading scheme.  This gives you a chance to earn 2 bonus points for your homework assignments.  You will not be told which assignment will be graded using this scheme, so it is important to do your best on every assignment!

Percent Correct                 Points Earned
90 – 100                check plus = 7 points

80 – 89%               check = 5 points

50 – 79%              check minus = 3 points

0 – 49%                check zero = 0 points

Walk around grade
During a visual check of homework you can earn a check if you have the assignment completed.  If the assignment is not finished or partially completed then the student will receive a check zero.  You have the opportunity to earn a
check minus if you show me the completed assignment before class the next day.

2. Quizzes and Tests
Quizzes are usually worth between 10 – 25 points each.
Surprise or “pop” quizzes worth 5 points are possible.
Tests are worth 50 – 100 points each depending on the amount of material covered.

3. Labs
Labs will be worth 25 points each.
Your lab grade is based on technique, following lab instructions, procedures, clean up, the lab write-up; and behavior.

4. Class Participation
Class participation includes your responsibility and attitude regarding the learning process.  Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are you prepared for class?
2. Are you asking questions, either during or after class,
   when you do not understand a concept?  
3. Are you completing assignments and turning them in on
4. Is your behavior contributing to a positive learning

Each students will begin each quarter with 50 points for class participation.  If student behavior does not reflect a positive academic atmosphere, points will be subtracted formthe 50 points.  At the end of the quarter class participation points will be recorded as a project score.

Final Note:
Please let me know how I can best help you achieve your goals this year in health and science class.  I am looking forward to a good school year.

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