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St. John's International 8th grade science/pre-algebra

We are beginning Chapter 8, a look into forces and work.  Are you finishing your study/work sheet over the first two lessons in chapter 8?  If not, get busy! They are due Tuesday for Science A,  Wednesday for Science B and C.

Your double this week will be a lab exploring acids and bases and indicators.  There will not be a lab report per se, but there will be questions to answer.


Week of 27 March-31March

Monday: Conjunctions, lesson 10.6, p. 399.  The homework assignment is p. 402,all problems.  

Tuesday: Disjunctions, lesson 10.7, p. 403.  Homework assignment is p. 405, #5-28.

Wednesday: Review of chapter 10 in preparation of test.

Thursday: Ch. 10 test

Friday: Go over test and begin Ch. 11, The Coordinate Plane which will be really interesting and fun.
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