skillbuilders Mrs. Schiller
St. Laurence Catholic School Skill Builder Coordinator
The Skill Builder program provides assistance to students with special needs or students requiring tutoring in the areas of Math, Reading, Language Arts, and study skills.  I work with students from first through eighth grade on a one to one or small group basis.  A student may be recommended for participation in the program by a teacher and/or a parent.  The number of sessions per week, length of sessions, and goals will be determined by the Skill Builder Coordinator, teacher, and administrators after reviewing all available information.  Students who meet any of the following criteria, must be enrolled in the Skill Builder Program to continue enrollment in St. Laurence School.

1. Students who have IEPs from public, private, or local sources.
2. Students who score below the 50% percentile in reading, language, or math on the Stanford Achievement Test or other national achievement test.
3. Students who have failing grades on report cards at the end of the quarter.
Please call if you need to set up a conference. My work days are Monday through Thursday.
Neuhaus Education Center is a facility dedicated to training and educating teachers and parents who work with special needs students. The following classes will be offered this year at the Neuhaus Center for parents:
January 25 "Getting your pre-reader ready to read" 12:00-1:00
February 1 "Help your reluctant reader with decoding"
February 15 "Help your child with comprehension" 12:00-1:00
February 22 "Help your speller be scientific and successful" 12:00-1:00
March 1 "Help your child with handwriting"
God Bless you,
Joan Schiller
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