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Welcome New Haven Stars!
     Check out the useful links below to see some great websites. One will take you to a letter that President Bush has written especially for children like you! He wrote this letter at the end of January. Pay special attention to the 4th paragraph down.

     Another website listed below takes you to the Whitehouse's site for kids. There are many things to check out including a tour of the Whitehouse. Click on Spotty's Whitehouse Tour to see it. The rooms remind me of the Governor's mansion! Did you know the Blue Room is oval?

     I have also included a link to Missouri's website for kids. On this site, Governor Holden has put some games and some coloring pages. You can even take a tour of the capitol and see some of the things we saw when we visited the capitol.

     Tell me what you think of these websites. You can email me by clicking on my email link at the top of this page, or you can write me a note and put it in my mail slot in our mail center. You can also recommend a good site that you have found. Check back frequently! I hope to add more activities and website links soon.
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Useful links
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