slaughterkinder Kindergarten
E.H. Slaughter Elementary
Kindergarten News
Week of: Oct 29- Nov 2
Letters: Nn
Spelling: that
Math: Numbers 0-4 continued
Social Studies and Science: Native American's and their habitats continued

Special Notes & Things to Remember

· If you have not sent your pictures from the fieldtrip to the farm please send them as soon as possible.  If you have already brought your pictures thank you very much.

· If you have not already sent a paper sack Indian vest for your child please send it Monday.  If you are able to send extras we would greatly appreciate it. 

· Please see the attached information about our Thanksgiving feast.   This is a very special time for the kindergarten students, and if you would like to come and join them on the feast day you are more then welcome.  Please keep in mind that there will only be enough food for the kindergarten students.

· Thanksgiving Holiday break is November 19 - November 23.

Extensions For Home

· Notice changes in nature and write about what you observed.

· Create story problems using numbers 0-4.

· As a family read a story and discuss what happened.  Look for spelling words as you read.

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