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Springwoods Elementary School Speech Language Pathologist
       Welcome to Speech and Language Class!

During November and beginning in December, students in Speech-Language Class continue to work on various activities to improve their speech and language skills. The area your child is working on will depend upon his IEP. Here are some of the happenings in Speech Class:

· Language and Fluency students are working on categories and defining skills. The focus has been on grouping category members and labeling categories. Students sorted Thanksgiving menu items into various food categories.  Ask your student to give an example of meats, vegetables, desserts, breads, beverages, and side dishes. Some student can tell you what condiments are. Fluency students are practicing on slow, smooth speech.

· Language students practiced giving clear and precise definitions of the food items that were categorized. They used object attributes such as category, shape, function, part, color and use, to provide clear definitions.

· The video tapping activity is on hold at this time. I will need to get my camera repaired or replaced. We will continue to work on retelling stories with our new Holiday story. Expect to hear about it soon.

· Articulation students continue to work on their sounds by practicing in structured games and recordings. The students who practice at home continue to make the most progress. Several students graduated from the Speech program this month due to their consistent practice in improving their speech.

This weekend have your child discuss the area he/she is working on in Speech Class. Please let your student know that you are receiving Speech News. Students who have this discussion with their parents will receive an extra stamp on their stamp sheet.

Don't forget to encourage your computer savvy student to practice speech and language skills online at the Springwoods website.  Don't forget nightly reading for all students.

Happy Holidays!
Mrs Walls

Visit the links indicated to practice on selected skills. Parents will need to help Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st grade students, as the activities require reading skills. Some activities are challenging to some students, just have them do what they are able to do. Please do not make an issue out of it. My goal is to integrate technology in a fun way.

Mrs Walls
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