slimhomework2 Sra. Slim
Sonora High School  

Spanish 2

Daily Homework Assignments:

jueves, 30 de noviembre: WS 4-9, 4-10, Study for quiz tomorrow Sp>En and picture words

miercoles, 29 de noviembre: WS 4-1>4-4, study for quiz, Sp>En

martes, 28 de noviembre:p. 138 #14, 15, 16

lunes, 27 de noviembre: Vocab cards due tomorrow

miercoles, 15 de noviembre: Hoja de trabajo 3-10

jueves, 2 de noviembre: Study vocab., Spanish>English

miercoles, 1o de noviembre: Worksheets 3-1>3-6

martes, 31 de octubre: Turn in Paso a Paso outfit project.

lunes, 30 de octubre: Paso a Paso outfit project due tomorrow. viernes, 27 de octubre: Paso a paso outfit project assigned.

jueves, 26 de octubre: No hay tarea.

miercoles, 25 de octubre: Vocab Cards, Ch. 3 due tomorrow.

martes, 24 de octubre: Test, Cap. 2.  Tarjetas de vocab., Cap. 3 due Thursday, Oct. 26.

lunes, 23 de octubre: Study for test, Cap. 2.  Bring Apuntes and 78 blank index cards to class tomorrow.

jueves, 19 de octubre:SUBSTITUTE TEACHERWatch Extravaganza VideoOn sheet of paper, write down:#1: Your favorite skits & why they were good.#2:  Any ideas you think would make good skits.#3: What do you think are the rules for Extravaganza?#4: What do you think should be the rules for Extravaganza?Study vocab. I>E

miercoles, 18 de octubre: SUBSTITUTE TEACHERDaily Routine:  Using verbs from pp. 62-63, write out your daily routine.  Use at least 5 reflexive verbs and put them in complete sentences.  Use 3 non-reflexive verbs as well (desayunar, ir, estudiar).  Illustrate your routine with at least 4 drawings.  (None X-rated).  Put 55 mins. of effort into work.  Turn in at end of period.Study vocab. I>E

martes, 17 de octubre:SUBSTITUTE TEACHERWorksheets: 2-6, 2-7, 2-8, 2-9, 2-10.  Plenty of time to do.  Work on your own.  Turn in today or tomorrow, but PRACTICE WELL!!! Study vocab. I>E

lunes, 16 de octubre: Study vocab. I>E

viernes, 13 de octubre: Vocab. Quiz

jueves, 12 de octubre:Vocab Quiz postponed til tomorrow... now includes Picture Vocabulary>Spanish.  Worksheets 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, 2-5

miercoles, 11 de octubre:Study for tomorrow's vocab. quiz, Span>Eng, p. 76 #1, p. 77 #2

martes, 10 de octubre:p. 69 #11-15

lunes, 9 de octubre:p. 65 #4-7 las respuestas escritas en frases completas

viernes, 6 de octubre:  Test results. Began Chapter 2.

jueves, 5 de octubre:  Vocabulary Cards created in class.

miércoles, 4 de octubre: Chapter 1 Test.  Bring 60 index cards to class tomorrow.

martes, 3 de octubre:  Substititute Teacher

lunes, 2 de octubre: Quiz, pictures>Spanish, Received Study Guide, Test Wednesday.

viernes, 29 de sept.: Hojas de trabajo 1-9, 1-10,Quiz Monday, pictures>Spanish

jueves, 28 de sept.: Hojas de trabajo 1-7, 1-8; study 15 minutes for Vocab.

miércoles, 27 de sept.:
p. 45 #4 a>g, Vocabulary quiz, Spanish>English

martes, 26 de sept.: Hojas de trabajo: 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 1-6

lunes, 25 de sept.: Tarjetas de vocabulario, esp>ing.  Prueba miercoles, 27 de sept.

viernes, 22 de sept.: Tarjetas de vocabulario, esp>ing.  Prueba miercoles, 27 de sept.

jueves,21 de sept:  WS Comm Act 1-3A

miercoles, 20 de septiembre:
1)p.33 #4-6(preguntas y respuestas)
2) Study vocabulary cards Spanish>English for 15 minutes.

martes, 19 de septiembre:
1)Get Rules Test signed.
2) Study vocabulary cards Spanish>English 15 minutes (Ch.1).

lunes, 18 de septiembre:
1)Study verb cards English>Spanish for tomorrow's quiz on all verbs.
2)Finish bio-poem, due tomorrow.  Make it pretty.

Friday, Sept. 15: Began Bio-poema, due Tuesday, Sept. 19th.  Verb quiz English>Spanish on Tuesday.

Thursday, Sept. 14: Quiz, verbs Spanish>English.  Study verbs English>Spansih for next Tuesday's quiz.

Wednesday, Sept. 13: Worksheets in class.  Study verb cards Spanish>English 15 minutes for quiz tomorrow.

Tuesday, Sept. 12:  Study verb cards, Spanish>English, get parent/guardian signature if not turned in.

Monday, Sept. 11: Ch. 1 vocabulary cards due tomorrow! Have parent/guardian read and sign syllabus.

Friday, Sept. 8: Textbook search assigned. Turned in vocab. cards.

Thursday, Sept. 7: Finished "Verb" vocab cards in class.

Wednesday, Sept. 6: Bring index cards tomorrow!  Received Paso 1 verb list.

Tuesday,Sept. 5: Bring index cards on Thursday, Sept. 7th.

Friday, Sept. 1:  Purchase index cards if you are out shopping for school stuff.

Thursday, August 31st:  Think of three choices for your Spanish name.
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