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My Quia activities and quizzes
Chapter 3: Early Civilizations
Measurement Conversions
Measurement Battleship
Division and Multiplication Battleship
Early American Settlements
Early American Settlements 2 (Jamestown)
Early American Settlements 3 (Plymouth Colony)
Geometric Terms Matching
Chapter 7 Vocabulary Rags to Riches
Chapter 7 Jeopardy
Geometry Terms
Mrs. Demkee's Math Battleship
Chapter 8 (New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, Southern Colonies)
Chapter 8 (Colonies) Battleship
Prepositions. Know how 20 basic prepositions are used in English.
Conjunctions and Compound Sentences
Identifying common and proper nouns in paragraphs
Practice with Subordinating Conjunctions
Proper Noun Identification
Plurals of nouns (English)
Grammar: Singular and Plural Possessives
Polygon Millionaire
Chapter 8 Rags to Riches
Subject and Predicate Millionaire
Mrs. Demkee's Multiplication Facts: Table of 2's, 3's, 4's and 5's
Mrs. Demkee Battleship #2
Perimeter, Area, and Circles
Chapter 9: Life in the 13 English Colonies (Lessons 1 and 2)
Chapter 9: Life in the 13 English Colonies Flashcards
Chapter 9: Life in the 13 English Colonies (Lessons 3 and 4)
Chapter 9: Life in the 13 English Colonies Jeopardy
Chapter 9 Timeline
Chapter 9 Battleship
Grammar: Singular and Plural Possessives
3D Shapes
Order of Operations
Fraction Battleship 2
Equivalent Fractions Level 1
Fractions addition
Multiply and Reduce Fractions
Pesky Pronouns
Subject pronouns
Pronoun Practice
Geography Battleship
Chapter 10 Flashcards, Concentration, and Matching
Chapter 10 Battleship
Chapter 10 Millionaire
Chapter 10 Jeopardy
Chapter 11: Lessons 1 and 2 Battleship
Chapter 11: Lessons 2 and 3 Rags to Riches
Chapter 11 Jeopardy
Chapter 11 Vocabulary Flashcards
Equivalent Fractions Level 1
Fraction Battleship 1
Fractions addition
Ordering Fractions
Fraction Millionaire
Chapter 12 Flashcards, Matching, Concentration.
Chapter 12 Millionaire
Chapter 12 Battleship
Chapter 12 Jeopardy
Chapter 12 Hangman
Chapter 12 Matching
Prime Factorization
Prime Factorization Millionaire
Chapter 12 POP-UP
Chapter 13 Jeopardy
Chapter 13 Matching, Concentration, and Flashcards
Chapter 13 Battleship
Chapter 13 Hangman
Chapter 13 Millionaire
Fraction Quiz
Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Fraction Battleship
Fraction Millionaire
Similes and Metaphors
Figurative Language Jeopardy
Chapter 14 Concentration, Matching, and Flashcards
Chapter 14 Battleship
Perfect Tenses (past, present, and future)
Chapter 14 Millionaire
English Irregular Verbs
English Irregular Verbs
English Irregular Verbs
Decimal Addition
Decimal vs. Standard Form
Rounding Decimals
Comparing Decimals Battleship
Order the Decimals
Sentence Types
Fragments and Run-ons
Chapter 3 Battleship
Types of Sentences
Chapter 4 Battleship
Chapter 4 (Native American) Jeopardy
Chapter 4 Timeline Activity
Subject and Predicate Millionaire
Multiplication Practice 3 and 4 digit multiplication problems
Complete and Simple Subject/Predicate
Multiplication 1 Quiz
Multiplication 2 Quiz
Multiplication 3 Quiz
Chapter 6 Battleship
Chapter 6 Millionaire
Chapter 6 Jeopardy
Conjunctions and Compound Sentences 2
Curse of the Division Chest!
Mutiplication & Division of Whole Numbers Word Problems
Ultimate Math Jeopardy
Chapter 7 Timeline
Practice with Subordinating Conjunctions
Measurement and Conversion Jeopardy
Cause and Effect Practice
Algebraic Equations and Order of Operations
Cause and Effect Test
Triangles and Polygons
Classifying triangles
Place Value and Rounding Review
Place Value Playoff!
Decimal and Whole Number Jeopardy
Prime and Composite Numbers
prime Factorization
Mean, Median, Mode, and Range Quiz
Reading Skills
Equivalent Fractions
Improper Fraction Jeopardy
Reading: Finding the Main Idea
Main Idea Battleship
Chapter 13 Timeline
Chapter 13 Rebellion Match-up
Chapter 13 - Amendments of the Constitution
Chapter 13 - Bill of Rights
Chapter 14 Jeopardy
Chapter 17 Jeopardy
Chapter 3 Battleship
Review Math Game (+/- , multiply/divide decimals & whole numbers, compare decimals& decimal place value)
Ready Reference
Geometry - Angles Quiz
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