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Welcome Everyone!
    At this site you will be able to get the latest 411 on my personal news and progress.  I also plan to include links to sites that will help explain some of the stuff you'll be reading about--it's fascinating science!
    Let me start by saying that God has been very very good to me--I have THE best medical care and support system anyone could hope to have.  Thanks to all of you for your expressions of care and concern as well as your prayers on my behalf.  Also very much appreciated is the humor--corny or otherwise,just keep it clean please ;)
    I'll be busy this week: Monday, December 4, I'll be having an M.R.I.  Tuesday, December 5, I'll be having a different kind of scan to check my heart health--yes, I DO have a heart.  Wednesday, December 6, I'll be having a bone scan.
    The only one of these tests I know ANYTHING about is the M.R.I.  For about 45 minutes I'll have to lie absolutely still on a narrow table inside a tube-like machine that will make loud knocking noises.  I'm told I should remain calm and quiet, relaxed even--yeah right!  I plan on taking one of my favorite cd's to listen to and playing it really really loud.  We'll see. . .
    One of the tests I've already had done was called a Positron Emission Tomography, P.E.T.Scan, for short.  I was injected with short-lived radioactive isotopes.  Wonder if I glowed?!
    Well, that's all for now.  Until next time, take care of yourselves--you're important to me,
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