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Andersen Middle School Spanish student at Andersen Middle School
¡Hola! Welcome to my wonderful site. This site is for people who would be willing to learn Spanish for free. I am a student who is willing to take up my leisure time to teach you. My games and quizzes will help you and get you to speak Spanish. If you are better than me at Spanish and you see an error, correct me by e-mailing me at Thanks for visiting my site. Hope it helps.


You need this to help you.

To make accent marks and other Spanish symbols turn your number lock on. Hold Alt and press a certain number to get a certain Spanish symbol.

é = Alt + 130
á = Alt + 160
í = Alt + 161
ó = Alt + 162
ú = Alt + 163
ñ = Alt + 164
Ñ = Alt + 165
¡ = Alt + 173
¿ = Alt + 168
My Quia activities and quizzes
Colores / Colors
Ropa Y Colores / Clothes and Colors
El Parentesco / Family Relations
Ropa y Colores / Clothes and Colors
El parentesco / Family Relations
Los meses del año y El días de la semana / Months of the Year and Days of the Week
El días de la semana y Los meses del año / Days of the Week and Months of the Year
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