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Spring Semester, 2001

It's time to begin reviewing for your final exam - remember, you can come to this page as often as you wish - from home even!!! (Image that - studying at home!!!!)
Assignment for Monday, May 21
  • Go to the 1st java game created by Ms. McClure - Play the Matching game at least 2 times (more if you wish) and play the Concentration game at least 2 times.
  • Next, play the 2nd java game. Again, do the matching and concentration a minimum of 2 times each.
  • Next, take the quiz created by Ms. McClure. When you finish with this, please raise your hand so that Ms. McClure can check off that you did it!
  • Finally, take as many of the quizes created by students as you wish - or have time to. Remember that you took 6 of them on Friday - try to take different ones today!!!
  • Good luck
My Quia activities and quizzes
WordPerfect Review 1
by Ms. McClure
WordPerfect Review Set 2
by Ms. McClure
WordPerfect Practice Quiz for Final Exam
by Ms. McClure
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Lesson 10
Lesson 10 Review Questions
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Lesson 2 Questions
Lesson 4 review activity
Lesson 5 Review Questions
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