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My Quia activities and quizzes
C'est Ça- chapter 2 vocabulary
French terms Hangman
persons, places, phrases
Hangman II
people, places, things
Connaître / Savoir
uses of verbs meaning "to know"
Viens Voir - chapter 2
Future Tense
Review regular and irregular verb forms
Object pronouns
Practice replacement pronouns
Viens Voir! chapter 2 review
Practice the vocabulary and verbs from the chapter
Jeopardy review for chapter 2 of Viens Voir!
Test your knowledge of the vocabulary and grammar of the chapter
C'est Ça - chapter 2 jeopardy
Test your mastery of the chapter
Viens Voir! chapter 3 Mots Nouveaux II
practice vocanulary
Viens Voir! chapter 3 vocabulary - Mots Nouveaux I
practice vocabulary
passé composé with être
practice passé composé with être
Vocabulary - C'est Ça chapter 3
Practice the vocabulary
Vocabulary - Viens Voir! Chapter 4 MN II
Check your mastery of the vocabulary
Vocabulary-Viens Voir! - Chapter 4 - MN I
Test yourself on the vocabulary
Conditional Tense
How well do you know the conditional tense?
Compound verb tenses
Pluperfect, Future Perfect, and Past Conditional
Exam Review French 2
Semester Exam
Exam Review - French 3
Semester exam
Semester Exam 4/5
Semester exam review
Vocabulary for Dis-Moi! chapter 5 MN II
Practice the vocabulary
Dis-Moi! Chapter 5 Mots Nouveaux I
Practice the vocabulary
Futur Proche (near future)
Practice the future using aller + infinitive
The verb "FAIRE"
Practice the verb "FAIRE"
Review for chapter 5 Dis-Moi!
Practice for chapter 5 of Dis-moi!
C'est Ça - chapter 4 Vocabulary
Practice the terms for home repair
Viens Voir! chapter 5 vocabulary
Practice the vocabulary for salon de coiffure and reflexive verbs
Reflexive verbs
Semester Exam 4/5
Semester Exam Review
Semester Exam Review
French I Semester review
Exam Review - French 3
Semester Exam Review
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